Some things in life aren't appreciated until it's too late. and sometimes you don't know when it will be too late. There are people who i'll never see again. There are words that I never had the chance to say. lately i've been living in 'high definition,' appreciating every detail of my life while present. this ep was inspired by my experiences over the last few months, including my senior year of college, old girls, and a taste of success.

whether this is your first time listening or you've been a fan since day one, I can't thank you enough for the support and helping me achieve what i used to/still dream about. this ep is available for free download below and can also be streamed via soundcloud/spotify. all that i ask is for you to connect with me on social media sites (links below) so that you can become a part of the family and stay updated with my career.

Now, please put your headphones on, sit back, and enjoy 'High Definition.' 

      Much love.    

- Bazanji

Welcome [official music video]